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We will learn with horses

Horse Assisted Education is an innovative learning method in which people cooperate with horses. Its aim is to deepen individual development, self–awareness and emotional and social skills, as well as to help people to achieve the change they desire. At the heart of this method lies the relationship between a human being and a horse.

It creates the space in which such a relationship can take place and enable us to experience ourselves through it. In this space we are given a unique chance to experience our inner world – sensations coming from our bodies, emotions, thoughts, patterns of interpreting what we feel and see. We find ourselves in a situation where we communicate with a creature belonging to another species, which gives us his attention and responds to our presence and actions in a natural, uninhibited way. The presence of horses creates a unique learning environment. In this space the subjective meets the objective, the internal meets the external, enabling us to observe how our thoughts and fantasies become facts and how we transform facts into fantasies. We are given an opportunity to learn through direct participation in a relationship.

There are no signposts, old and tested methods or techniques. We take full responsibility for our every step, showing our courage and ability to make decisions. This learning process takes place there and then, is fully involving and touches us at many levels. The way a horse relates to us is absolutely authentic, which means we are experiencing a genuine relationship, genuine communication and genuine leadership. These qualities are what makes it different from traditional training methods based on role-plays.

Workshops with horses, which lie at the heart of Horse Assisted Education training programs, offer us the opportunity to discover a multitude of ways in which we relate to others, experience genuine, multi-leveled leadership and enable us to see ourselves as active agents transforming the world around us.

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