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Youth Projects

Values of Life with British Drama

by Marta Marczak

My Value:

Value of life. The goal was to create workshops for people who don’t have time to think about where they are, what they want and where they want to be? We can live only once and there is no chance to travel in time machine and change your past. But it’s never too late to start living consciously. During workshops participants had a chance to create their map of values in order to see what they want and start follow it. I think that this kind of events are really necessary in our society.

Method(s) used:

British Drama (symbol of paper, photosymbols, mirrors, statues etc.) and map of values.

The process of conducting the project:

Project was designed for adults. „Values our Life”  was one workshop divided for two 3h parts and took place in Warsaw’s public library. These were open workshops so I wasn’t feel ing secure with group of people that I didn’t know, and they didn’t know each other. But the ice was broken with introducing and building the contract, which helped to provide trust and openness in group. In the event 14 people took part, most of them were in middle-aged. I was amazed by how group was working with their values in life which is a really tough topic.

I know that maybe not everyone took something important from this event but I believe that at least for few of them this 6h workshop (mostly in british drama) really changed something in life. Helping others in learning and development is big highlight in my life, and after this project I know that I want to make more of them.