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Youth Projects

Values in school

Nastja Merc

My Value :

Values in school for me are very important, because they help to build a young person personality and identity. It is important in what way they gain knowledge, not just information but also the methods that the teachers use.

The goal of the project:

In the program Project learning for young adults we did a workshop about values in regular school.  Since the youngsters dropped out of school, their behavior in the school was disturbing and they couldn’t follow the classes.  They told their own opinion on the subject and told which values they recognize in their own schools. We talked about which values they like and are important for them and which are not good and disturb them and also lessons in the class.

Method(s) used:

We were working together in the whole group, where we discussed the theme. Also the participants were put in smaller groups of two, where they had an assignment to do.

The process of conducting the project:

We learned why knowledge and learning are values for young people in school. We talked about relations between teacher and students and the importance of that and also about the importance  of  authority and respect teachers towards  youngsters. At the end we discussed about instructions in class and came to the conclusion that the instructions must be clear and  simple, so every student can understand what the teacher needs him to do. We did some practical exercises to confirm the importance of the values in school.