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Youth Projects

Summer camp for youngsters

Dorottya Poór

The drawings were made for the closing task of the GYIK workshop. We had dramatic role-playing games connected with role-playing elements for a day. The week was organized around a common narrative (a team of nationally selected scientists starts at a conference on the Earth’s future but their plane crashes into a garbage island in the Pacific Ocean where local creatures are asked to take out their trash …) One of the closing tasks of the program was the subjective map drawing, in which the events of the camp had to be summed up on a map. I used it because it was good for them and for us to get a different drawing assignment (chronology, space display) and to close it and sum it up for the week. Unfortunately, only the drawings of adults remain (in our group it is important that we adults are always drawn and played) because we could no longer document the works of the last day.