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Youth Projects

Short color therapy & Tai chi

by Janja Šabić

My Value (on which the project is based with some short description): 

Inner peace is very valuable for me. Nobody can give us inner peace. We have to work hard to reach it. We can experience it when we make our own life less stressful, when we control our thoughts and spend (free) time in a more healthy way.

The goal of the project:

The main goal is to reach inner peace and to feel more relaxed at the end of activity. The aim is also to know color meanings and color therapy basics.

Colors are visible. Color is light and energy. We can experience different light and shades of color. Color therapy is a type of holistic healing. Light can enter through our eyes and skin. It can activate our hormones and change our mood.

For example the color:

BLUE – a calming effect, lower blood pressure as a result, helps with ADHD, the throat chakra

RED – more agressive, higher blood pressure

GREEN – may be used to relax people

YELLOW – can give life and energy to people who might be suffering from depression.

The process of conducting the project:

My thoughts, emotions, conclusions

My workshop was introduced in Youth Organization Kamra Radovljica. I asked small group of youngsters to make a circle. After first ice-breaker we started to talk about colors. We discussed the hidden messages of colors and their potential healing part in our life. Each color can evoke emotion or capture attention. Colors are connected to our minds and soul. After this part I invited the participants to do some Tai chi exercises to relax our body and soul. At the end we disscused about workshop and our mood. They also had some free time to do whatever they wanted to do.