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Youth Projects

Share your values

Gábor Pethes

Gamified self-expressive activities to strengthen self-esteem and sharing personal values. Eg.: VALUES AUCTION, „Orange&Purple” (council based method for sharing our stories), etc.)

Preparation phase: each youngster writes a short sentence or a word which represents a value for them – we used limitation to maximum 5 item per person, and there are items from the facilitators too, from the different topics (love, safety, respect …)

Auction part: Like in a real auction the youngsters can buy as much item as they want for their play money.  Items/values are presented by the facilitator and each youngster is called to explain a bit more detailed, what that specific value represents for them. When all items represented the bidding starts with a random item (everyone has the same amount of money) and the winner gets his/her item by sticking it under its name on the wall, with the value he/she spent on it. The action ends when all items are sold, or all money is spent.

Ending: summarizing visually what items each person won. Guided questions for evaluating the process and preparing the last step: youngsters can exchange the collected values you have with others by mutual agreement.