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Youth Projects

Shadow theatre

by Nastja Merc

My Value (on which the project is based with some short description): Passing on new knowledge, bonding with co- workers with new, creative methods

The goal of the project:

The main goal of the project was to pass on the knowledge I got to my co- workers, so they could have a new method to work with. I wanted out team at work to connect and stay in touch with our creativity and our values. The goal was to make our on scene to do the play. We made our own caracters/ puppets, give them personality and wrote the script. The intention was to present the play to youngsters in the program Project learning for young adults. 

Method(s) used: Seven Step Configuration Analysis

The process of conducting the project:

My thoughts, emotions, conclusions

The proces was relaxing and funny, we got to know eachother better. We realised that it is important to always have in mind with what population we are working with and regulate activities for them. We relised our imagination, became more avere of our caracter and personality.