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Youth Projects

Raising Awareness against Racism and Xenophobia

by Ana Catarina Fonseca

Content framing project – EGO STATES – transactional analysis

(Psychology of Relationships)

In the framework of the VIA-ME Project: Values in Action, Methods Exchange, which aims to promote innovative teaching methods that make young people more active and develop their abilities, and with the purpose of approaching with students one of the aspects of Psychology Relates, it is proposed that the students carry out an awareness campaign against Racism and Xenophobia.

Eric Berne, was the founder of transactional analysis. It is a model used to study relational psychology among people. We can understand our inner world as consisting of three different areas, the Father’s Ego state, the Adult Ego state, and the Child Ego (Child) state. Briefly, these are three levels superimposed one to another, being first the state of Ego of the Father, secondly the state of Adult Ego and lastly, the state of Ego of the Child. Each ego state is conscious within itself, that is, it has independent feelings and states of consciousness, and can contradict one another.

State of Adult Ego – You are aware of all your actions. It presents an objective view and clear arguments, according to the discussion / conversation. State of the Father’s Ego – Part of a direct relationship with our own childhood and relationship with our relatives, ie follows examples lived in the first person.

State of Child Ego – Comes from a set of behavioral patterns typical of a child. Unconsciousness, immaturity, innocence. In this way, it is possible to note that, the receiver of a certain message may not be in the same ego state as its sender.

Raising Awareness Against Racism and Xenophobia

Unlikely Friends “tells the story of Driss, a young ex-offender of Senegalese descent who unwillingly accepts a job taking care of the tetraplegic millionaire Phillipe, with whom he ends up establishing a relationship of friendship as unlikely as touching fun.

Presentation of a Practical Case and group discussion on the content of the Film, according to the different States of Ego.

Group Activity

Develop posters, leaflets, photographs, or any other type of intervention, interior or exterior, capable of sensitizing the surrounding society against a problem still so present today, racismo and xenophobia.


A4 and A3 paper




Coffee powder and water


Photos already taken