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Youth Projects

Know yourself through colours

Žan Gorjanc

My Value (on which the project is based with some short description):

Self-acceptance and life are very important values to me. Life is a continuous development, the development of us and all the people we are in contact with. Self-acceptance means viewing yourself as a basically good person who is worthy of love.

The goal of the project:

In the program Project learning for young adults (PLYA, a group of 12 youngsters, aged 15-26) I did a workshop about knowing yourself through colors. Each color has special meaning or message. I think, for our living and healty relationships is very important to know yourself and our feelings, emotions, reactions, strong and weak points better. All this in combination with colors could have positive influence on our behaviour and personal identitiy.

The process of conducting the project:

My thoughts, emotions, conclusions

First we did the exercise that we learned in the mobility in Hungary. It was about colors. The group was asked to color the flipchart with different shades of colors.

Second I asked them to write down three words which decribe them best, to draw something with different colors, to draw a body shape and mark their strong/weak points, to present three dimensions with different colors, to pick the colors they like and dislike and to write down some values and feelings which I read them slowly.

The third step was to color each word (for example: happiness, tenderness, shame, anger, hope, love, ideal partner, father, mother, …) with the color they feel the right one for the chosen word. There were not right or wrong answers, there were just their feelings connected to the chosen word and the color.

The forth step was short analysis connected to colors they picked the most. The meaning of each color was explained to them.

At last we discussed about my workshop.

The colours are very important in our life. They are telling us a lot about our personality and behaviour. Our colour choice is the result of education, environment, childhood memories, parent’s beliefs, culture and other aspects of life.

In the beggining of my workshop I felt a little bit nervous but later everything went OK. Youngsters followed my instructions well and we had a lot of fun.