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Youth Projects

My Value:

The value that I worked with during our first exchange was the idea of being grounded. During each drama exercise, whether it was picking a photo-symbol or sculpture, I always picked something related to the tree. The tree and its roots for me symbolizes having your principles deep in the ground. It also symbolizes ecology which in my opinion is deeply connected with mindfulness.

The goal of the project:

The goal was to create some kind of a meeting where we could discuss things together rather than conducting  a workshop or a lecture. I wanted to have a conversation with my participants about ecological aspects of our daily life.

Methods used:

Presentation of the specific topic for ex. Zero Waste Movement and encouraging participants to express their view, opinions and thoughts. Also we used Do It Yourself method – participants created coasters from old clothes and cardboards.

The process of conducting the project:

We organized two meetings in Public Library. Instead of asking the participants classic questions you usually ask before workshops, we presented them a scale where they rated their own attitude towards ecology. Then we discussed few ecological issues, talked about news and gadgets from ecology field and then we started to make coasters from old shredded sweats. At the end we gave participants the selection of topics which they would like to discuss during our second meeting. They chose living without chemicals so we prepared the program accordingly.