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Youth Projects

Dramatização para inter-relações positivas

Luísa Caldas

My Value:

Considering that I was working in a school I would say that the values I wanted to work with were friendship and community, since the material of my activities was the relationships developed between the students

The goal of the project:

The development of this workshop was based on the idea of opening a space of dialogue for the students to become aware of the ways they relate to each other. Considering that I implemented this activity in a school, it sought to disseminate positive relationship between the students, in the first moment, in the midst of the youngsters that participated in the workshop, and later, in the rest of the school community. The group gathered twenty art students, with whom were exercised group dynamics, to facilitated the dialogue that contributed to the creation of a poster campaign to be presented later in the school. This way they could see the impact of their work made in a larger scale, and spread tha subject out of the classroom walls.

 Method(s) used:

British drama

The process of conducting the project:

I was surprised with the way the workshop went, besides all my planning. I didn’t consider the fact that when you work with a group of different individuals you need to be open to improvisation. That’s the path the students led me to and that made the workshop so much richer. Thinking about the reaction of the students to the theme presented, it was possible to watch the making of deeper bonds between the group. They were also excited to see that through artistic means they could think more profoundly about themselves, since they are so used to use only their surroundings as material to their work.