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Youth Projects

My Value (on which the project is based with some short description):

My value is the expression of emotions. Our whole life can be presented by colours on one sheet of paper. People don’t think about that we need a moment to stop, think about ourselves, our lives, important people for us. My project was aimed at capturing THIS moment.

The goal of the project:

Personal ”color dictionary”.

The main goal was for the participants to leave the workshop with greater awareness of their emotions. To see something what they may not notice on a every day basis. I focused on the individual work of each participant and then a group sharing of insights. My goal was to give everyone a quiet space to focus on their emotions.

Method(s) used:

I made 15 minutes of relaxation to introduce participants into a reflective mood. The main exercise was based on Colour Keys from Seven Step Configuration Analysis. It consists of several commands. Participants of the workshop paint on other pages, relationships with other people, how they see themselves, their emotions, their live stages.

The process of conducting the project:

My thoughts, emotions, conclusion

I organised meeting in local Neighboring Club „ToTu”. We worked in a group of 7 women of different ages.  Each of them had its own unique history. The ladies talked a lot about their personal lives and problems. I think that they felt very comfortable. They focused on the main exercise with great commitment and curiosity. They noticed many interactions between the colours used and the emotions. The participants didn’t expect that the drawing could be an interpretation of our contacts with other people and life stages. The workshop work was accompanied by a nice atmosphere. I hope I gave the participants the space to focus on their lives.