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Youth Projects

Preserve your city

by Ana Catarina Fonseca

My Value (on which the project is based with some short description):

Respect for the city

We believe in an active humanism routed in a sense of shared social responsibility and citizenship.


The goal of the project:

To develop a awareness for the preservation of urban identity and patrimony.


Method(s) used: Creative Collaborative Approach

Number of Participants: 9


The process of conducting the project:

This project is entitled “Preserve your city”.

It took place during the month of January, in the Institute of Arts and the Image.

The project was developed with a group of 9 students, aged between 16 and 18 years.

During the presentation of the work proposal, the students were faced with the problem of the state of abandonment of many of the houses / buildings in their City, Oporto, for that reason, and because they were attending a course in the Ceramics area, they began to try to understand how they could intervene or revolve this question. The idea was almost immediate, to design tiles, to maintain the identity of the houses / buildings, so that later they realize them in workshop and offer them to the residents as a way of calling attention to the need to take care of what is ours.

In order to make possible the development of this proposal, some examples of tile patterns were distributed so that the students could paint them according to the most used traditional tores, blue and white.

Once the project part was completed, the Ceramics Technician teacher helped students put their ideas into practice and paint tiles.

Once dry, it was time to distribute the tiles they created to sensitize society to take care of its heritage. Most of the students chose to give the tiles to their parents, others decided to expose them in the School so that everyone could see the work they developed and what they intended.