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Youth Projects

Outside the box

by Ana Catarina Fonseca

My Value (on which the project is based with some short description):

Creativity and strong sense of self

We believe the creative processes leads to a deeper sense of self through drawing and the use of representation.


The goal of the project:

To promote the imagination of the participants, most of them students who do not identify with the traditional method of teaching. To devlop a stronger sense of self


Method(s) used: Seven Step Configuration Analysis Towards Photography: understanding the personality behind photographs

Number of Participants: 10


The process of conducting the project:

This project is called “Out of the Box”. It was developed at the Institute of Arts and Image, at the end of January, with a group of 10 students between the ages of 16 and 18. I have worked with these young people in the context of an Education and Training Course, since most of them have reached the age of majority, but I have not yet completed the third cycle of basic education. I realized that most of the students do not identify with the traditional method of teaching, so I decided to develop with them an exercise that could promote their imagination.


To start this activity, I asked them to come together in groups of 2 elements. Each group started by selecting from a series of colors their favorites, initially without reason, then to assign them to certain words / feelings. They were asked to write a set of words on a sheet of paper, using colors, which, for each one, were associated in some way with the written word.


In a second phase, each group element would choose a word and its color, presenting to the colleague its representation of it through a form created by itself. The exercise was carried out by everyone, letting each one wing their imagination to create a figure / form, capable of illustrating that word / feeling.

As a way of concluding this activity it was proposed to each group to develop a being, imaginary, with invented characteristics, capable of surprising colleagues. In this sense, some questions were raised so that they could develop their character:

  • What’s your name?
  • Where do you live?
  • What do you eat?
  • Describe your relationship with the Human being.

After creating the fantastic characters, each group developed a brief story, introducing them to colleagues through a small play of Shadow Theater.